The number of international students studying in Canada is over 640,000, a figure that is constantly growing.

Many of these students are choosing Canada because of the major advantages that studying in Canada can bring.

Individuals who study in Canada receive a top-quality and internationally-respected education, preparing them for professional pursuits in Canada or abroad.

Yet, the cost of tuition and living fees in Canada are generally lower than in other developed countries.

In addition, Canada allows you to work in the country during and after your studies so you can support yourself financially and gain professional work experience.

Canada also offers over 80 immigration (PR) pathways to international students who complete their studies and wish to remain in Canada permanently.

This is a significant benefit which international students cannot find in most other countries.

How to Study in Canada

Step 1: Select a program

Wiki Visa Canada and its trusted partners will learn more about you and then provide you with academic program options to choose from.

Step 2: Apply to a Canadian designated learning institution

Once you have determined which education program to apply to, we will help you prepare and submit your application to the Canadian designated learning institution (DLI) of your choice.

Step 3: Apply for a study permit

Upon obtaining a letter of acceptance, we can help you submit an application to the Government of Canada for a study permit. The study permit is a document that most people need so they can legally remain in Canada as a student.

Step 4: Explore your immigration options

After completing your studies, Wiki Visa Canada can help you remain in Canada to gain more professional work experience and pursue permanent residence.